About Us


UniBoozer is an online alcohol delivery service for students in Southampton. The idea for UniBoozer was born on a Monday evening when my housemates and I realised we didn’t have any booze or mixers for Tuesday night!

That was when I started chucking about the idea of  UniBoozer. Imagine if there was a website which allowed students to quickly and easily select what alcohol and mixer they wanted delivered straight to their front door free of charge and imagine if the alcohol was also cheaper than most supermarkets!!! 

Personal License

UniBoozer does exactly that and more! We allow students to completely organise their night out or prepare for parties. We provide over 50 products ranging  from a number of vodkas and beers through to different flavoured juices, soft drinks and plastic beer pong cups. You name it we have it!  

 So drink up, sign up and get ordering your booze!

UniBoozer has arrived.

Tom Howe 

Personal License Holder