“Shotgun not going to buy it!”


The idea for UNIBOOZER was born one Monday evening when my housemates and I were arguing over who had shotgund last to walk to the shops to buy booze for Tuesday night.

That was  when I started chucking about the idea of  UNIBOOZER.  Imagine if there was a website which allowed students to quickly and easily select what alcohol they wanted delivered straight to their front door and imagine if the alcohol was also cheaper than most supermarkets!!! 

UNIBOOZER does exactly that and more! Two vital things you also need before a night out are mixers and cups, especially if your planning on playing beer pong. We provide several choices of cheap mixers from Red Bull to orange juice as well as different sets of plastic re-usable cups.

So drink up, sign up and get ordering your booze!

UNIBOOZER has arrived.

Tom Howe

Founder and CEO


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Cheap alcohol delivered straight to your front door!